Our Vision For Evidence-Based Connected Care

Pattern Health is a passionate team of technologists, clinicians and behavioral researchers whose vision is to make healthcare more efficient and effective by creating products that empower patient self-care and research.

To accomplish this vision, we combine world-leading usability with world-leading behavior expertise to create evidence-based connected care. Our strategic partnership with Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University distinguishes our approach as evidence-based and informs the science behind our products that help people form healthy behavior patterns.

There are solid benchmarks for assessing good medical judgment. The medical science is clear. What no program has yet mastered is the formula for persuading or motivating large numbers of Americans to get their lifestyles and behaviors in line with their health and economic self interests.
— Michael Eckersley, Solving The Economics of Health Care, Producing Cost Savings and Healthier People

Leadership Team


Ed Barber

CEO & Co-Founder

Doug Mittendorf

CTO & Co-Founder

Ed Holzwarth

Chairman & Co-Founder

Dr. Zubin Eapen

Advisory Board Member

Dan Ariely

Advisory Board Member

Tim Horan

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Chad Mather

Advisory Board Member

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