Careers @ Pattern Health

Pattern Health’s products are known for exceptional quality, user experience, and design. The mission of the Pattern Health engineering team is to build scalable, highly polished consumer software applications that meet the current and future needs of our customers and users. To achieve this, we leverage the best tools and technologies available, whether for native mobile or web based client apps, back end server and database platforms, or cloud and devops services. Pattern Health engineers:

  • play an important role in defining and delivering the details of the product experience;
  • thrive in a highly supportive, collaborative environment;
  • are creative, strategic, positive and opinionated;
  • love to learn and are up for a good challenge;
  • deliver tested, production-ready code;
  • are rewarded most of all by building products customers love and value;
  • …and have fun while we’re at it :) Generalist, polyglot developers open to a wide range of skill sets and use of technology are preferred in our dynamic company. Candidates must demonstrate a consistent history of leveraging technology to produce quality software.


Durham is consistently ranked among the top tech sectors in the nation and the best places to live, work, play and eat. Pattern Health is in the heart of downtown Durham, and we’re proud to play an active role in the community! Just a few steps from our office you’ll find award winning cafes, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and a thriving ecosystem of developer, designer and entrepreneur resources.

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