Durham, NC, August 10, 2018 –

Pattern Health team is excited to welcome Aline Holzwarth as our Head of Behavioral Science. Aline joins us with more than nine years of experience managing behavioral science programs, projects and products. As Principal of Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, Aline was responsible for directing the strategy, operations and communications for the Duke University research center. She has done everything from creating MOOCs and incubator programs to running digital health research studies and designing apps, and is invigorated to take on the unique challenges of health behavior change and disease management.

The team at Pattern Health has had the pleasure of collaborating with Aline since we launched our partnership with the Center for Advanced Hindsight over two years ago and look forward to having her on the team in a fuller capacity.

In the interest of joining the ranks of the companies that have led the way in strategically employing behavioral science, such as Opower (before purchased by Oracle), Maritz, Morningstar, Betterment and Clover Health, it is our mission at Pattern Health to use evidence-based practices through our very core, to live and breathe behavioral science.

Aline’s background in behavioral science will help shape the Pattern Health product, and she will act as a decision architect to ensure that the care platform’s user experience is guided by behavioral science principles. The big question Aline will face is: how can we optimize the product so that we can better help people reach their health goals? And behavioral science is a critical component of this.

As Matt Wallaert of Clover Health argues in his article “Need a Product Person? Hire a Behavioral Scientist,” the mentality that a behavioral scientist brings to the table – the comfort with iterative processes and testing – is essential to innovative product design.

“The number one reason companies fail is because they refuse to let go of product elements that are not driving the desired behavioral outcomes. Innovative products are by definition initially unknowable. The right solution must be teased out through experimentation and exploration. And to do that, we need trained tinkerers.” – Matt Wallaert, CBO of Clover Health

But behavioral science is more than its process. In addition to the method of experimentation and iterative testing, there lies a treasure trove of existing research in behavioral science to be utilized. So, as Dan Ariely warns, we can’t forget to find the library. As we at Pattern Health set out to revolutionize patient care, we believe it is our responsibility to advance the foundation that generations of scientists and practitioners have laid before us.

On that note, soon we’ll be introducing a series of articles to share the principles underlying the Pattern Health product – so stay tuned to learn all about what fuels Pattern Health!


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Written by: Tim Horan