We recognize the severe and overwhelming challenges our colleagues in the healthcare industry face with the outbreak of COVID-19. And we have an idea of what those challenges could look like in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead — a fixed and possibly shrinking number of providers who are trying to serve a rapidly growing population of patients.

A friend in the healthcare industry who happens to be a customer of ours, and who knows what we can do at Pattern Health, made this comment to me when we were talking about the coronavirus: “It’s as though Pattern Health has that extra supply of face masks in their basement that everyone is looking for right now. Do everything you can to let people know about the capabilities that you have that can be quickly deployed to help in the fight.”

So we want to be clear that our hand is raised. The Pattern Health team is actively engaged with our existing partners and open to working with other partners across the healthcare industry to develop and deploy digital health programs that can serve patients, support and ease the burden on the providers and clinicians working on the frontlines in this battle, and to do it as quickly as possible.


Here’s how Pattern Health can help with COVID-19

Our digital health platform is unique in that it is highly configurable, open, and scalable. That means low to no coding is required while still providing the ability to immediately support a wide range of best in breed and widely adopted devices and services that many consumers are already using to manage their health (think Fitbits and Apple Health). And together that translates into fast time to market for new digital health programs — developed, deployed on a patient’s phone, and collecting data in days. YES, IN DAYS!

The Pattern Health platform allows partners to rapidly create a wide range of condition-specific programs that can be highly personalized based on the data collected. Pattern Health powered programs allow providers to deliver a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Remotely delivering condition-specific assessments and screening tools

  • Tracking a wide range of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) or Bluetooth connected biometric data

  • Managing and tracking symptoms, medication adherence, and other activities and metrics

  • Delivering education and information, and

  • Providing options for patients to communicate electronically with caregivers, providers, and family members, where appropriate

Providers can access the patient data securely at point of care, or remotely from an off-site work location to inform clinical decision making. And importantly, programs can be optimized in real-time — post-launch — based on data and feedback.

Pattern Health partners, mostly from leading academic medical centers, have developed over 50 different innovative, condition-specific digital health programs on our platform. We are humbled to be working with this growing group of healthcare innovators and to be able to collaborate and support their work using digital health to solve a wide range of health problems. These programs are currently being used across over 200 unique healthcare sites across the country, serving more and more people, and many times delivering care remotely while triaging patients to determine when onsite care is necessary, and when it is not necessary.

We’re ready to help — and that has always been part of our mission.

Whether you’re working or preparing to work directly with patients infected with COVID-19, or you’re determining how best to manage existing patients — possibly in a remote manner to avoid in-person visits — Pattern Health can help. Our team is effective at working remotely with partners to help get programs set up and running quickly.

Pattern Health has been a mission-driven company from the start, and as a mission-driven company we are highly motivated to be part of the solution to COVID-19. The Pattern Health team is focused on using technology — specifically digital health —  to help solve some of the most challenging health issues so that people can live healthier and happier lives. We continue on that mission today and feel particularly called to help support our colleagues who are on the front lines and responding to COVID-19.

If you are reading this and have ideas about ways to use digital health in this battle please email me.


Tim Horan
Chief Growth Officer
Pattern Health

Written by: Aline Holzwarth