Durham, NC, December 17, 2021 –

Pattern Health accelerates digital health innovation from research to real-world impact.  We partner with leading researchers and clinical innovators to develop impactful digital health programs.  We have supported projects such as a home based cardiac rehab program, an intervention focused on improving outcomes of youth living with HIV, a program that helps patients cope with psychological distress symptoms after hospitalization, and many more.  What ties all of our past work together is our digital health platform and the Pattern Health mobile app (available on Google Play & App Store).  Administrators configure and access program data through the Pattern Health web portal, while participants benefit from the convenience of a mobile app where they interact with their condition-specific program.

Pattern’s platform has now expanded to support a new use case–Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDST).  Unlike digital health programs, CDST are not patient-facing; Instead, they are designed to surface information and advice to clinicians within their existing workflow.  CDST can come in many forms, but they are often predictive algorithms that help clinicians identify at-risk patients so they can reduce negative outcomes and identify lower-risk patients that can be offered accelerated care pathways.

CDST implemented on our platform pull patient data from Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and private APIs, execute implemented models, then surface information for clinicians within their EHR system. In some cases, model thresholds can be customized to fit an organization’s risk tolerance levels. Our CDST solution is currently available through the EPIC App Orchard, but the technology can be integrated with any EHR.

We have made it easy for partners to deploy CDST, including operationalizing their own algorithms and implementing existing CDST developed by others on our platform.  Through collaboration with our partners, we offer a growing library of well-published CDST that are available for license through our Exchange.

Currently available solutions include:

Surgical Risk Prediction Suite (SRPS), a risk prediction solution for orthopaedic arthroplasty patients. Created by the Duke Predictive Modeling Team within Duke Orthopaedic Surgery.

Duke Opioid and Sedation Assessment (DOSA), a risk stratification solution for patients at risk for opioid-induced respiratory depression. Created by researchers at Duke University.

About Pattern

Pattern Health is on a mission to accelerate digital health innovation. We partner with researchers, clinical innovators, and their institutions to develop and implement digital health programs, surveys, and clinical tools. We don’t stop there, though. We bridge the gap between research and real-world application by providing a pathway for digital health innovations to be adopted for clinical use.  Programs are available for licensing by any healthcare institution, bringing innovators and healthcare providers together in a collaborative community that expands the impact of innovation.

Our capabilities are enabled by a single digital health platform that makes it easy to deploy existing programs or for innovators to build novel solutions.  Our configurable platform offers built-in security and compliance, software and device integrations, and digital health best practices.  We offer fast and cost-effective program development through the combination of our platform and deep healthcare and behavioral science expertise.  For our partners, this means “Less Hassle. More Impact.”

Written by: Tim Horan