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Pattern Health brings together stakeholders in healthcare to achieve the common goal of advancing medicine. Our community includes researchers, clinical innovators, tech transfer offices, healthcare providers, payers, pharma, and commercial businesses.

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Pattern works with partners to expedite innovation, but we don’t stop there. We bridge the gap between research and real-world application and make it easy for health systems and payers to access the latest digital healthcare solutions.

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Quickly Build Your Digital Health Programs

From mobile applications for perioperative care to EHR-integrated risk prediction technology, Pattern is your innovation partner.


Surveys & COAs

Tools to collect patient data, including digital surveys, Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs), and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).

Clinical Decision Support Tools

Provider-facing predictive analytics tools that are used for clinical decision-making.

Virtual Care

Mobile apps and connected devices that help diagnose, treat, and prevent through personalized care pathways and remote monitoring.


Expand the Impact of Your Innovation Beyond Research

Pattern can take you from idea to scalable, real-world solution and support you at any point during the process.

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Implement Proven Solutions

Browse licensable programs focused on improving health outcomes across a variety of conditions and populations.

Why Pattern

Learn why Pattern is the digital innovation partner of choice for many top institutions.



Heart Failure CONNECT-HF Study Used Pattern Health App to Study Medication Adherence, Quality-of-Care Scores

The Duke Clinical Research Institute study was the first to...

Customer Stories

Pattern Adds Withings Integration to Expand Real-World Data (RWD) Collection Options

Pattern’s digital health platform now offers out-of-the-box integration with Withings’...

Product Updates

Step Up: A Digital Health Spotlight

Step Up is an intervention that pairs psychosocial symptom management...

Customer Stories

UC Davis GROWell Case Study: Digital Intervention & Virtual Trial

UC Davis’ GROWell Intervention & Virtual Trial Powered by Pattern...

Case Study

Pattern’s Digital Health Platform Expands to Power EHR-Integrated Clinical Decision Support Tools

Durham, NC, December 17, 2021 - Pattern Health accelerates digital...


Blueprint Digital Health Spotlight: Helping Patients Cope with Psychological Distress Symptoms After Hospitalization

The Digital Health Spotlight is an interview series with study...

Customer Stories

Virtual Pets Motivate & Improve Outcomes

Another call to customer service comes in. “Please,” the patient...

Product Updates

iTransition Digital Health Spotlight: Bridging the Gap Between Pediatric and Adult Care

The Digital Health Spotlight Series is a collection of interviews...

Customer Stories

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Pattern Health is HITRUST-certified and HIPAA and GDPR-compliant to ensure the privacy and security of your information.

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The Latest from Pattern Health

Predictive models built into workflow improve outcomes & save resources. Have an algorithm to implement in clinical workflow? Let’s talk.

Learn more about our clinical decision support capabilities here:

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Need a technology partner to power your clinical trial and/or mhealth intervention? Check out Pattern! Our #digitalhealth platform is built for research management & digital interventions. With Pattern, expect "Less Hassle. More Impact."

It was an honor to play a small role in lifting up the next generation of #STEM leaders through our sponsorship of UniHacks 2023 hosted by @NCSSM!

It's incredible what the participants came up with in just 36 hours! Check out their work here:

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