DUSOCS — Duke Social Support and Stress Scale

A validated, 24-item self-report questionnaire for measuring social support and stress.

DUSOI — Duke Severity of Illness Checklist

A ten-item checklist for clinical providers and auditors to quantitatively assess severity of illness.

Duke-PH — Duke Population Health Profile

A 15-item self-report questionnaire for measuring personal health-related quality of life, health determinants, health outcomes, and overall population health.

Duke-AD — Duke Anxiety-Depression Scale

A seven-item self-report questionnaire for detecting the risk of major anxiety and/or depression.

Duke — Duke Health Profile

17-item and 8-item validated self-report instruments for measuring health-related quality of life.

WOQ — Wearing Off Questionnaire

Self-report measure to screen for end-of-dose “wearing off” symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

Duke Health Measures

A set of six validated instruments to measure health and its determinants developed over the past 35 years by the Duke University School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

IWQOL© — Impact of Weight on Quality of Life

Validated self-report measure of obesity-specific quality of life.