Durham, NC, November 13, 2018 –

Pattern Health announced an exclusive agreement to manage the licensing rights to the Impact of Weight on Quality of Life (IWQOL) questionnaires, which have become the industry standard for measuring the impact of weight and obesity on patient quality of life.  The licensing was previously managed by Duke’s Office of License & Ventures. As part of the agreement, Pattern Health is making IWQOL questionnaires more accessible for use in the assessment and treatment of obesity with the launch of new digital versions of the questionnaires, which are now available for license. The IWQOL questionnaires were developed by Ronette L. Kolotkin, Ph.D., obesity consultant, owner of Quality of Life Consulting, PLLC and a consulting professor at Duke University.


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The questionnaires have been used by over 500 health systems, independent practices, pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations to improve the care and treatment of patients with obesity. The IWQOL portfolio of questionnaires includes IWQOL-Lite for adults and a new IWQOL-Lite-Clinical Trial (IWQOL-Lite-CT) questionnaire, which is currently being reviewed by the FDA for qualification for clinical trials to support product approval and labeling claims and will now be available through Pattern Health.

The new digital versions, which can be used standalone or integrated into digital care plans and clinical trials, will be more accessible and engaging for patients, while improving the accuracy and reliability of the collected data. Though the printable PDF formatted version of the questionnaire will continue to be available to license from Pattern Health, the new digital versions offer licensees more options and delivers superior flexibility and ease of use. All existing and new licensees will have immediate access to the new web and mobile versions.

“I am excited to see these instruments find wider use in the assessment and treatment of obesity,” says Kolotkin. “This agreement with Pattern Health could accelerate advancements in obesity research and treatment, as both clinical trials and clinical treatments are moving toward electronic administration of questionnaires that allow automated data reporting and immediate feedback to patients.”

Those wishing to learn more about the IWQOL family of questionnaires, or license these new versions can find more information at https://pattern.health/exchange/iwqol-impact-of-weight-on-quality-of-life/.



“Adding the IWQOL family of questionnaires to Pattern Health’s library of digital care plans and assessments is an important milestone in obesity research and treatment,” says Ed Barber, CEO of Pattern Health. “The gold standard for measuring quality of life can now be more easily accessible and integrated into clinical workflows and trial protocols for obesity.”


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About Quality of Life Consulting, PLLC

The IWQOL family of questionnaires was developed by Ronette L. Kolotkin, Ph.D, owner of Quality of Life Consulting, PLLC and consulting professor at Duke University. Kolotkin also serves as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, universities and other organizations in developing and testing treatments of obesity and related illnesses.

Written by: Ed Holzwarth