Durham, NC, April 25, 2018 –

Pattern Health is announcing the 2.0 release of the Pattern Platform, which delivers major product updates to help clinicians and researchers quickly develop and deploy comprehensive and interactive connected care programs that increase patient adherence. These latest updates include an expanded library of behavioral interventions, support for both chronic and perioperative conditions, dynamic activity scheduling, and an updated Pattern app that provides end users with enhanced personalization.

Using Pattern Health’s platform, healthcare innovators are able to quickly and easily turn their care plans into prescribable ‘patterns’ — condition-specific digital engagement programs — that deliver patient education, simplify biometric tracking, and utilize proven behavioral interventions to help people manage their condition and pattern their behavior to better match their prescribed care plan.

These new features mark a major upgrade to Pattern’s platform, which is used by providers at 45 leading healthcare systems, research institutions and independent practices, and by over 13,000 monthly active users who are benefiting from a growing library of ‘patterns’ to help them manage a wide array of  chronic, episodic and perioperative conditions, including heart failure, hypertension, HIV, and glaucoma

According to Forbes, non-adherence to medical treatments in the United States costs an estimated $290 billion annually. To help address this problem in a systematic manner, Pattern Health has created a growing library of motivation and adherence tools, techniques, and IP that clinicians can quickly and easily add to the condition-specific ‘patterns’ they create helping patients to better manage a condition and adhere to their care plan.

Through research conducted in partnership with leading behavioral economist and New York Times best-selling author Dan Ariely and Duke’s Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH), Pattern’s behavioral interventions have proven to motivate patients and increase adherence by approximately 15%.

“Even though people know what to do, they don’t often act in their best interest. They often need tools to help remind and motivate them to take care of themselves,” says Ariely.

Pattern Health’s solution is based on a secure, HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified platform, which allows clinicians and researchers to launch comprehensive digital care plans quickly and economically and can be fully integrated into existing workflows, reducing time to launch to just a few weeks and at a fraction of the cost of developing a mobile health app, which according to a recent mobihealthnews survey costs an average of $425,000.

“We’re really excited about our results and the ability to make these proven behavior change tools and interventions accessible to more healthcare providers and patients. By helping people to better manage what at times are really complicated conditions and care plans, we believe Pattern Health has a real opportunity to not only improve outcomes but to help bend the health care cost curve in a meaningful way,” says Ed Barber, CEO of Pattern Health. “Just like app stores transformed the mobile software market by making it easy for developers to create and distribute apps, the Pattern Builder and Library transforms connected care by making it easy for healthcare innovators to create and prescribe condition-specific patterns.”

To learn more about Pattern Health and how easy it is to turn your care plan into a pattern, contact them at pattern.health/contact-us or visit their website at pattern.health.

Written by: Tim Horan