Pattern Health

Pattern Health is on a mission to accelerate digital health innovation. We partner with researchers, clinical innovators, and their institutions to remove the friction of technology. Our digital health platform and solutions simplify the technical and compliance components of research and digital-first care delivery so our partners can focus on improving care.

Pattern offers a no-code/low-code solution for researchers and clinical innovators developing new care delivery models to create and research digital health programs and a set of robust APIs and webhooks for engineering and product teams to develop custom digital health apps. Our configurable platform includes built-in security and compliance, software and device integrations, and digital health best practices. For our partners, this means “Less Hassle. More Impact.”

Our Story

Navigating the world of health and healthcare is complex. After our founding team developed one of the first mobile app stores and succeeded in delivering it to mobile carriers worldwide, a new idea was born: improving the delivery process for innovative, digital health programs that could benefit researchers, clinical innovators, and patients on a global scale.

Our goal was to reimagine the paradigm of healthcare and improve ease of access, quality of care, cost transparency, and equity. To do this, we focused on creating an innovative digital platform that helped the brightest minds in healthcare and science conduct research more effectively and efficiently. Our platform would not only accelerate innovation but also allow researchers and clinical innovators to broaden awareness of and commercialize their programs for the greater good. We launched Pattern Health in 2016 to bring this vision to life.

We have seen how difficult it is for researchers and others in the fields of health and science to innovate and expand the reach of their work to make a difference in the lives of patients everywhere. That’s why we’re committed to improving healthcare delivery through the smart use of technology.

Today, we partner with researchers, clinicians, and healthcare innovators and make it convenient and less costly for them to change healthcare for the better and accomplish more good in the world.

Our Values


We leverage the collective expertise and experiences of our partners and team members to achieve greater success. Partnership and true collaboration are the foundation of every relationship.


Our goal is to drive social good and have a positive impact through innovative uses of technology and evidence-based solutions. We help solve the problems that can positively impact.


We are bold, decisive, and devoted to our cause—health and wellness. We focus on tackling complex, meaningful challenges with the potential to improve health and wellness for all.


We ask why, strive to never stop learning, and always look forward to creating the next solution. Curiosity is the engine that drives innovation.


Embodied by our mascot, Virgil the turtle, we support a healthy, friendly, open work environment that challenges the status quo to fuel creativity and new thinking. This spirit is incorporated in our solutions, which are designed to be people-friendly and reach beyond current boundaries. We empower our team members to take ownership and work thoughtfully and efficiently on every project.

Our Leadership Team

Ed Barber

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ed has extensive experience in successful venture-backed technology startups, having served in product and technology leadership roles at Motricity, Appia, and Bandwidth prior to founding Pattern Health.

Ed Holzwarth

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ed is a digital health business, technical and product strategist, and a co-founder of Pattern Health. Before Pattern, Ed founded and led Little Green Software for over 10 years, a custom software solutions agency serving healthcare innovators.

Tim Horan

Chief Growth Officer

Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully led and grown multiple venture-backed technology companies from start-up to exit in mobile, media, and healthcare industries, including Appia, Motricity, Excite, and most recently COO of TouchCare

John Reuning

VP of Technology

John is an experienced technology leader, having built and led software development teams in a broad range of organizations. His prior industry experience includes self-publishing, research, education, information technology, and enterprise software.

Matthew Hoyle

Sr. Director of Marketing

Matthew is an experienced marketing leader who has successfully scaled multiple B2B technology and healthcare businesses. Prior to joining Pattern Health, Matthew led Marketing teams at rapidly growing companies including BioAgilytix, ShiftWizard, and Digital Turbine.