CMS reimburses use of Pattern Health for Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management.

CMS recognizes the critical role of remote care in contributing to better health and care for individuals. Providers operating under the Medicare Fee-For-Service Program can use Pattern Health to bill for:

  • CPT 99091 — $59 per patient per month for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • CPT 99490 — $42 per patient per month for Chronic Care Management
  • CPT 99487 — $93 per patient per month for Complex Chronic Care Management
  • CPT 99489 — $47 per patient per month for Additional Complex Chronic Care Management
  • HCPCS G0506 — $64 for CCM Initiating Visit in addition to primary face-to-face visit service  

Pattern Health automates documentation and time tracking requirements and generates claims for review and submission.

RPM and CCM have documentation requirements to ensure CMS standards are met. Pattern Health takes care of those automatically so that you can focus on delivering care.

Ask: "How can I bill for RPM and CCM with Pattern Health?"