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Pattern Health makes it easy for partners to deploy Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDST) in their existing workflows. We take algorithms developed using historical data and apply them in clinical workflows, including EHR integration, where their predictive capabilities can guide clinical decision-making. Health systems and payers use Pattern’s platform to operationalize their proprietary algorithms and deploy proven models from our Exchange.

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Predictive models built into workflow
improve outcomes & save resources

How Our CDST Platform Works

Our CDST platform offers flexible configuration options for clinical workflow integration.  This flexibility supports CDST implementations from standalone pilot projects to fully automated, EHR-integrated, multi-site deployments.



Initiate the CDST model. The CDST can be triggered automatically or manually depending on the tool.

Data Collection

Collect the necessary data for model execution and pull it into Pattern’s HITRUST-certified cloud platform.

Model Execution

Pattern executes the implemented model, calculating scores, and referencing the appropriate recommendations.


The resulting scores and recommendations are made available through your preferred channel. Detailed audit history is captured for every execution.

Pattern is available through the EPIC App Market and is compatible
with other EHR systems.

Platform Benefits

Pattern provides an innovative combination of digital health technology and
services that deliver speed and flexibility for partners.

EHR & Other System Integration

Our platform can integrate with virtually any system and is currently available on the EPIC App Market.

Easy Implementation & Iteration

We make it easy to iterate and implement new CDST without sacrificing your workflow and IT efficiency.

Secure & Compliant

Pattern is HITRUST certified and compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and FISMA regulations.

Innovate & Expand

Pattern offers a pathway to expand the impact of custom CDST by offering them through our Exchange.

Why Pattern?

Trusted by 200+ healthcare organizations

Secure & scalable technology. HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant.

All the building blocks & integrations needed for rapid configuration.

Solutions adopted by 12 of the top 20 academic medical centers in the US.

Looking for Inspiration?

Surgical Risk Prediction Suite (SRPS) is a clinical decision support tool authored by Duke Health and available through our Exchange. SRPS helps orthopaedic surgeons navigate medical risk assessment for hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty patients. SRPS references variables from a patient’s chart, calculates risk levels, then provides patient risk stratification directly in existing EHR workflow.

Learn More About SRPS

Have an algorithm to implement in
clinical workflow? Let’s talk.

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