Powered by Pattern’s powerful platform, Pattern’s Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) solution is designed to accelerate and streamline study operations.


More Smart Technology.
Less Costly Services.

Pattern’s easy-to-use eCOA solution is available in self-serve and managed service models. We combine our expertise and technology to deliver a unique solution, including:

Rapid study setup using no-code tools.

Pre-built eCOA library & sponsor-specific libraries.

Flexible implementation options.

Automated workflows reduce study team burden.

Seamless integration with eConsent and more.

User experience patients and study teams love.

Global Clinical Trial Compliance

For Patients

  • Intuitive user experience meets patients where they are.
  • Easy access through a web browser as well as native iOS and Android apps.
  • Seamless connection with wearable devices.
  • Notifications and reminders encourage compliance.

For Sites & Providers

  • Pattern’s platform streamlines site onboarding and clinical operations.
  • Workflow automation tools automate tasks and notifications for operational efficiency.
  • Automated scoring and coding save time and reduce errors.
  • Site Coordinator tool provides real-time remote monitoring of patients.

For Sponsors & CROs

  • Study-specific end-user experiences meet patients where they are and reduce patient burden.
  • Rapid configuration with no-code survey builder.  Build yourself or leave it to us.
  • Real-time dashboards for trial optimization and easy access to data via API or manual exports.
  • Catalog of pre-built eCOA & sponsor-specific libraries for rapid deployment.
  • Pattern’s eCOA solution combines seamlessly with a unified clinical trial platform for end-to-end management of hybrid and decentralized trials.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pattern support BYOD?

Yes.  Pattern supports research-provisioned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) models. The Pattern Health app is multimodal, meaning it is easy to access based on the research team’s and participants’ device and software preferences.


Does Pattern offer any connected devices as a part of data collection for studies?

Yes. Pattern offers a growing library of integrations as well as a flexible architecture that supports integration with virtually anything. Visit our Integration Capabilities webpage for more information.  We have pre-built integrations with popular research-grade biometric device providers such as Withings, Garmin, AliveCor, and FitBit.


Does Pattern offer any pre-built eCOA?

Yes. Pattern offers a growing catalog of exclusive COAs available for license directly from Pattern, including popular measures such as IWQOL-Lite-CT©.  We additionally offer a library of 100+ pre-built surveys to save time on study builds.


What implementation options are supported?

Pattern’s eCOA solution is a flexible option for deploying eCOA in alignment with study design. Our eCOA solution can be implemented standalone or integrated into existing patient experiences. Our flexible workflow options are detailed here: eCOA Implementation Options.