Pattern Health Expands Capabilities to Further Support a Wide Range of Use Cases

While digital health, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) have made great strides over the past several years, in-person visits with healthcare providers and researchers remained the norm…until coronavirus. Between quarantines, health concerns, limits on non-emergency care, plus broader reimbursement and support from CMS, healthcare has a new normal and RPM solutions are becoming a primary model for supporting care and research.

Over the past few years, leading academic medical centers and researchers have relied on Pattern Health and our platform to develop and power innovative RPM solutions for a wide range of conditions — medication management, pre-op and post-up care, managing transplant procedures, and more. As a result, we’re continually learning, getting feedback from providers and patients, and adding new features that meet our partners’ ongoing needs. The examples below are a few of the recent enhancements we’ve made to help researchers and clinicians as they gather, analyze, and act upon critical patient data and trends, without face-to-face contact.

The console connects patient activities to provider workflow to improve clinical decision-making.

Pattern Health’s console makes it easy for administrators to schedule tasks and alerts for teams to take action based on patient data and monitoring. Notifications and tasks can be triggered by a patient action (or inaction), allowing providers to act in real-time with appropriate responses or critical follow-up.

As an example, an RPM program that monitors cardiac rehab patients and ECG results remotely can set up rules so that providers can be presented with clear tasks based on related patient data and monitoring. This not only improves efficiency and workflow, it also allows the provider to better prioritize patient outreach to higher-risk patients. Another program that is designed to help improve nutrition has designed its console to automatically signal when a patient needs a nutritionist to intervene and offer counsel .

Web and mobile app support offers flexibility and expands audience reach.

Not surprisingly, we’ve seen that when it comes to digital health, some people prefer using the web while others prefer a mobile app. That’s why we’ve focused on delivering a technology-agnostic solution that allows our partners to offer their program on the platforms most appropriate for the populations and use cases they are serving. In addition to powering mobile native apps, Pattern Health also supports remote screening, e-consent, and assessment delivery via web-based programs. For those patients without internet or a smartphone, the platform allows SMS/text reminders, chat, and motivational messages from a research or care team.

Expanded device support simplifies and expands data collection.

By supporting integrations with HealthKit, Fitbit, Kardia, Garmin™ and a growing portfolio of consumer and medical grade devices, research and care teams can passively collect a wide range of information including sleep data, ECG, active and resting heart rates, workout details like number of steps, total active minutes, and more. These connected devices and the data they collect enable providers to make more informed and current clinical decisions. Once connected to our platform, data can be used to dynamically personalize end users’ plans, delivering messaging and making it easy for providers to monitor information from the user’s devices.


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Written by: Tim Horan