Boost study engagement and participation with automated incentives. Pattern Health’s Incentive Framework is now more powerful and flexible than ever with the addition of automated incentive payments and the integrations of PayPal and Venmo.


Clinical research used to determine the efficacy of new healthcare interventions depends on the successful recruitment and retention of trial participants. Many studies struggle in this area, with approximately 45% of trials failing to recruit the necessary number of participants in the time planned. Evidence suggests that incentives have the potential to improve both recruitment and retention.

Pattern Health’s digital health platform now offers a solution to help study teams implement their incentive strategy, called the Incentive Framework. The framework enables the efficient creation and management of incentives as a part of study protocols. The process is simple at its core–study managers define key events along with associated incentives, then incentives are delivered to participants as they are earned. Key events and behaviors that are encouraged in study design can be fully customized to trigger incentives for participants. Incentives can include automated payments, motivational messages, and manually delivered incentives such as gift cards. Current customers use the incentive functionality to reward consistent logging of activities or biometrics, completion of program modules, and much more.

Pattern Health supports Paypal and Venmo for payment processing of automated incentives and offers a manual point tracking system for those who want to track incentive eligibility in the platform but issue rewards using their own process.  For studies that implement automated incentives, Pattern Health makes it easy to link a customer’s PayPal or Venmo Business accounts and will work alongside them to configure the logic that best serves their studies. Once a study is running, payments will be issued as earned, with no human intervention needed.

For participants, the automated incentive process is intuitive and straightforward.  The Pattern Health app asks participants to opt-in and connect a personal Venmo or Paypal account. When a participant reaches a defined key event, our system processes the associated payment and can notify the participant in the app or via text message. Automated payments are processed in near real-time, so participants can reap their rewards immediately after completing the desired task.  Additionally, all incentive payments are tracked in Pattern Health for reporting purposes.

Pattern Health accelerates and simplifies the process of developing, researching, and validating new digital health programs and interventions. Pattern Health is HITRUST certified and HIPAA and GDPR compliant to ensure the privacy and security of information.


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Written by: Ed Barber