IWQOL-Lite-CT©️ Implementation Options

IWQOL-Lite-CT© (Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite-Clinical Trials) is the gold standard patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure of weight-related quality of life in adults designed for use in clinical trials. As the exclusive licensor of IWQOL-Lite-CT©, Pattern Health works with CROs and biopharma organizations to implement the measure for regulated clinical trials.

How to Choose the Best-Fit Biometric Devices for Research Studies

With the expanding market of biometric devices, selecting the right tools for research studies can be challenging. In this article, we provide guidance to healthcare researchers on selecting biometric devices, considering factors such as cost, provisioning process, battery life, user experience, device family, accuracy, and reliability.

Demystifying Digital Health Research Jargon

When working with researchers and clinicians to design trials that include digital elements, it's important to speak the same language. Just as clinical lingo must be precise so that everyone understands its meaning, adding digital elements to a clinical trial...

Study Incentives Drawing the Wrong Crowd?

How to incentivize study participation while avoiding fraud. It's a Catch-22. Research studies often pay participants for their time and involvement, but that payment can be a magnet, attracting people who don't actually qualify. Without the proper controls in place,...

Step Up: A Digital Health Spotlight

Step Up is an intervention that pairs psychosocial symptom management and activity coaching for patients with cancer who have undergone stem cell transplants. Following transplant, patients are deconditioned and struggle to engage in physical activity. In addition to significant physical...