Accelerating Clinical Trials: How Pattern Health is Pioneering Change

Clinical trial sponsors are constantly seeking ways to accelerate study timelines, thereby more rapidly delivering therapeutics to patients and optimizing return on R&D investment. Accelerating clinical trials means acquiring high-quality data faster. It means developing protocols, configuring technology, activating research...

[Video] Integrating Biometric Devices with Pattern

Biometric data is a powerful addition to a study protocol, offering a variety of data about participants’ activity levels and well-being. Pattern has deep experience working with study teams to select the best-fit devices for their studies and integrating…

2023 Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, the Pattern Health team has taken some time to reflect. We are honored to support you, our amazing partners, who are pushing the boundaries of research and developing life-changing therapeutics.  This holiday season,...

IWQOL-Lite-CT©️ Implementation Options

IWQOL-Lite-CT© (Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite-Clinical Trials) is the gold standard patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure of weight-related quality of life in adults designed for use in clinical trials. As the exclusive licensor of IWQOL-Lite-CT©, Pattern Health works with CROs and biopharma organizations to implement the measure for regulated clinical trials.

How to Choose the Best-Fit Biometric Devices for Research Studies

With the expanding market of biometric devices, selecting the right tools for research studies can be challenging. In this article, we provide guidance to healthcare researchers on selecting biometric devices, considering factors such as cost, provisioning process, battery life, user experience, device family, accuracy, and reliability.