Pattern’s latest release enables a more streamlined experience for participants, providers, and research teams. The new functionality accommodates all varieties of virtual interactions, from remote eConsent visits to medical appointments.



Televisits, or virtual appointments, have gained significant traction in recent years, revolutionizing the way medical consultations are conducted. This modern approach is now making its mark in the world of clinical trials, offering a more engaging and convenient experience for everyone involved. Televisits have proven valuable in the informed consent process, for patient-provider appointments, and more.

Pattern’s next-gen clinical trial platform has long supported telemedicine in clinical trials and virtual care applications. The enhanced televisit capabilities now available on Pattern’s platform enable a more streamlined experience for participants, providers, and research teams. The new integrated approach improves usability, simplifies workflows, and integrates seamlessly with Pattern’s eCOA, eConsent, connected devices, and patient engagement solutions.

There are many potential benefits of incorporating Pattern’s televisits in clinical trial protocols, including:

Access to a broader patient population.

Televisits have the potential to cast a wider net, enabling trials to include participants from diverse locations, thereby enhancing a trial’s representativeness and overall impact.

Reducing patient and caregiver burden.

Televisits offer a convenient alternative to traditional in-person appointments. The reduction of travel-related inconvenience can contribute to higher engagement and retention rates.

Streamlining data collection.

Televisit appointments can be easily recorded and transcribed, minimizing the chances of transcription errors and ensuring the accuracy of collected information.



Pattern’s Integrated Televisit Workflow is Simple and Seamless.

Deep integration with leading video conferencing platforms makes for a seamless experience. Pattern supports integration with all video conferencing platforms and offers an off-the-shelf integration with Zoom, the industry-standard platform commonly used by Pattern’s customers. The intuitive workflow has three steps:

  1. Research team members or providers schedule televisit appointments using Pattern’s Site Coordinator, easily configuring reminder settings and call details.
  2. Patients receive notifications and reminders through the Pattern Health app, available as a native app on iOS and Android.
  3. Joining televisits is simple and seamless–Patients tap the televisit “card” in the app and immediately join the video conference embedded into the Pattern Health app. No additional app or setup is required. Similarly, research team members or providers join by simply clicking the appointment notice in the Site Coordinator on their computer or mobile device.




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Written by: Matthew Hoyle