Our enterprise solution for institutions is designed for organizations conducting research at scale, including academic medical centers and academic research organizations (AROs).  Institutional partnerships with Pattern unlock enterprise-grade capabilities, flexible integration and implementation options, and savings for an entire organization. Leading institutions and health researchers partner with Pattern to power their most impactful digital health interventions and research studies.

  • Empower Principal Investigators with enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Unlock savings and reduce operational costs by conducting research at scale on one unified platform.
  • Improve grant award rates with proven research solutions from a committed partner.
  • Leverage institution-specific survey libraries across your organization.
  • Integrate with your existing technologies, including SSO, EHR, and more.
  • Flexible implementation options include self-serve and managed service.
  • Compliant with FISMA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and more.

Solutions adopted by 12 of the top 20 academic medical centers in the US.

All the building blocks & integrations needed to rapidly configure studies.

Secure & scalable technology. HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant.

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Inspiration from our Partners

Pattern has supported 60+ clinical trials. Check out the examples below or browse our Research Portfolio.


This study will explore feasibility of using a daily mobile mindfulness app to cope with stress. Digital health data collection procedures including wrist-worn devices and ecological momentary assessments will also be examined.

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This research study is being done to monitor common symptoms and behavior, and to provide information and peer support, as well as research opportunities for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The overall goal of the WiseApp study is to design a user-centered design app linked to a smart pill box for people living with HIV (PLWH) and evaluate its effects in a randomized controlled trial.

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Reboot is a perioperative program to improve therapy compliance and outcomes for heart transplant patients.

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POWER is designed to improve patient outcomes by giving surgical patients prehabilitation before undergoing major abdominal operations.

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The P-MAPP study is evaluating an education and care plan aimed at improving medication adherence in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

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LIFT (Mobile Mindfulness Intervention)

LIFT is a self-guided treatment program that aims to improve quality of life, reduce symptoms, help gain independence quicker, and build stronger relationships. LIFT uses a mobile app to deliver automated yet personalized support and minfulness training.

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iTransition is a multilevel mHealth intervention designed to support youth living with HIV and their pediatric/adolescent and adult care providers.

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The INTENT study is a partnership between Before Brands SpoonfulOne (SO) and DCRI to determine if feeding of SO to infants between 4 and 18 months of age will decrease the likelihood of developing food allergies between 12 and 18 months of age.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Decision Aid

VCU's COVID-19 Vaccine Decision Aid consists of a set of questions and branching logic rules based on the users' selections. The web-based aid provides participants with a personalized recommendation on why the COVID-19 vaccine is important for them or if it isn’t appropriate.

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