Pattern was founded in 2016 with a mission to improve people’s health and happiness by delivering solutions that help solve some of the most challenging health issues. In collaboration with our customers, we developed an innovative and purpose-built digital platform that has helped the brightest minds in healthcare conduct their research more effectively and efficiently. Today, we power clinical trials and digital interventions for many of the world’s leading academic researchers, CROs, and life science organizations. We strive every day to accelerate health innovation and deliver on our slogan, “Less Hassle. More Impact.”

Mar, 2016

Pattern Health is founded.

The company was founded and launched in 2016, headquartered in Durham, NC.  Duke University partnered with Pattern Health as its first customer.

Nov, 2016

HITRUST certification.

Pattern received its first annual HITRUST certification. HITRUST is a privacy and security framework that covers applicable requirements from HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, and other sources and requires certification by two independent assessors.

Jan, 2017

Powered initial academic studies.

Researchers from the Center for Advanced Hindsight, NYU, and Medtronic, partnered with Pattern to power their research.  Pattern gained early traction with intuitive patient engagement apps, study management tools, and electronic data collection capabilities.

Feb, 2017

First FDA-regulated study.

Pattern powered its first FDA-Regulated clinical trial, CONNECT-HF (Care OptimizatioN through PatieNt and hospital Engagement Clinical Trial for Heart Failure), managed by Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and sponsored by Novartis.

Sep, 2017

Launched no-code solution.

To further increase speed and reduce the time to deploy, Pattern launched its no-code configuration tool set. No-code tools enable the development of research solutions without the need for developers, drastically reducing the timeline and complexity of conducting regulated and non-regulated research.

Jan 2018

Interoperability framework & integration library.

Pattern optimized its technology for interoperability and launched a growing integration library of commonly used integrations. Pattern’s flexible architecture and interoperability framework enables integration with virtually anything.

Nov, 2018

“Best Integration into Workflow” award.

NODE.Health, a non-profit focused on digital health best practices, recognized Pattern Health as a best-in-class solution, acknowledging it for “Best Integration into Workflow” for its collaboration with Medtronic.

July, 2019

30+ studies, 500,000+ user milestone.

Ten leading research institutions partnered with Pattern to power over 30 studies, including support for over 500,000 users.  Pattern’s quickly growing Research Portfolio covers a wide range of use cases and conditional areas.

Sep, 2019

Launched eCOA & Exchange solution.

Following success as a licensing and technology partner for popular clinical outcome assessments (COAs) used in regulated studies, such as IWQOL-Lite-Clinical Trials©, Pattern officially launched the Pattern Exchange–a collection of proven digital health programs and validated surveys.  Pattern powers electronic COAs (eCOAs) for decentralized clinical trials and serves as a reference site for how validated surveys should be implemented electronically.

Oct, 2021

Epic App Market approval.

Pattern expanded its relationship with Epic, launching a pre-built integration available through the Epic App Market.  As a part of the App Market, Pattern customers can integrate with their EPIC systems more quickly and economically.

Sep, 2022

Closed additional funding.

New and existing institutional investors joined Pattern’s Series A funding round to fuel the company’s growth and ability to deliver on its mission–accelerating digital health innovation from research to real-world impact.

Apr, 2023

Major platform upgrade.

To better serve the increasing demand for enterprise customers and FDA-regulated studies, Pattern released a major platform upgrade – enhanced dashboards, study management tools, and participant experiences.

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