The following is a list of sub-processors used by Pattern Health to carry out data-processing activities that involve customer data. These sub-processors are identified below with their locations and the nature of services they provide to Pattern Health. Before we engage with sub-processors, Pattern Health performs due diligence on sub-processor privacy, security, and confidentiality practices and executes appropriate contractual measures regarding protection of personal data. Further information relating to each sub-processor’s individual data processing agreements and sub-processors can be found via the external links below.


Name Location Nature & Purpose of Processing Link to Sub-processor Resources
Amazon Web Services U.S.A. Infrastructure Hosting New Global AWS Data Processing Addendum | AWS Security Blog
Google U.S.A. Encrypted Backup Storage, Customer Support Cloud Data Processing Addendum (Customers)
Dropbox Sign U.S.A. Electronic Document (PDF) signing September 24, 2021 This Data Processing Agreement (the “DPA”)
Sign Sub-processor List
Twilio U.S.A. Mobile Messaging Data Protection Addendum
Twilio Sub-Processors
Datadog U.S.A. System and Security Log storage and monitoring Data Processing Addendum | Datadog
Datadog Subprocessors
Zendesk U.S.A. Customer Support Sub-processor Policy – Zendesk help
Slack U.S.A Notification of help desk tickets Slack Subprocessors | Legal
Data Processing Addenda | Legal | Slack


Optional Integration Partners

The following are optional “bring your own integration” partners which are available to customers of Pattern Health. These integrations utilize a customer’s owned accounts and operate within the customer’s use of our Pattern Platform product in certain specific regions/locations. Pattern Health facilitates these integrations through features of our Pattern Platform and stores transactional data associated with customer use of the integration partner. The customer maintains their controller-processor relationship with these integrations.


Name Location Nature & Purpose of Processing Link to Integration Partner Resources
Zoom U.S.A. Televideo Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Global Data Processing Addendum
Zoom Third-Party Subprocessors & Zoom Affiliates
PayPal U.S.A. Reward processing PayPal Data Protection Addendum for Card Processing Products