Pattern partners with academia, biopharma, and CROs to license and deploy Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COA). We offer a growing catalog of validated COA available for license through the Pattern Exchange. As the exclusive authorized distributor of popular measures such as IWQOL-Lite-CT©, Pattern works with partners to implement measures for regulated clinical trials, academic research, and clinical applications. Beyond our catalog of licensable surveys, we offer an eCOA Solution that makes it easy to create and deploy surveys of any kind.

There are many COA implementation options available depending on an organization’s needs. This article details the options and weighs the pros and cons of each method.

Supported implementation options include:

1. Pattern’s eCOA solution.

Next-gen solution with exclusive pre-built library.

2. Third-party eCOA solution.

Custom option for those with an existing system.

3. Paper-based

The simple but effort-intensive option.

Electronic COA Implementation reduces patient burden & improves data quality.

Electronic implementation of COA is the best option for most research and clinical applications.  eCOA meets patients where they are, reducing burden while improving compliance and data quality.  While electronic deployment requires some technical effort on the front end, it automates follow-up tasks, improving operational efficiency in higher-volume environments.

In general, patients access eCOA on mobile devices, desktop computers, or kiosks, submit their responses remotely or onsite, and the resulting data is then immediately scored and available digitally. Pattern supports flexible digital deployment options, including Pattern’s eCOA solution and third-party eCOA solutions.



1. Pattern’s eCOA solution.

Next-gen solution with pre-built, pre-approved eCOA library.
✔ Configurable automated workflows reduce study team burden.
✔ Seamless integration with eConsent, biometric devices, and more.

Pattern’s eCOA solution is a flexible option for deploying eCOA in alignment with study design or clinical protocol.  Powered by a next-gen clinical trial platform, Pattern’s eCOA solution supports clinical trials for many of the world’s leading academic researchers, CROs, and biopharma organizations.  Our eCOA solution is designed to accelerate eCOA design, translation, and approval processes with easy-to-use configuration tools, and streamline study operations with automated workflows to meet the needs of your trial.  Implementation options include:


Option A. Deploy Pattern’s standalone eCOA solution.

Pattern’s standalone eCOA solution is the quickest and most efficient way to implement COA for most situations. End-user experiences can be configured to meet specific study designs, meet patients where they are, and reduce patient burden. Pattern’s solution is available as a web-based app that can be accessed by participants via browsers on any device, as well as native mobile apps that are available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Pattern’s standalone solution improves patient completion rates while reducing study team burden through automated workflows, including reminder notifications. Our platform includes solutions for registrations, user accounts, notifications & reminders, compliance tracking, integration with wearable devices, and much more. Here’s the basic workflow:


Option B. Integrate Pattern’s eCOA solution into an existing patient experience.

For organizations with an existing registration and patient experience platform, Pattern’s eCOA solution, with the pre-programmed and approved surveys, can be easily integrated. In this model, organizations leverage their existing application and user accounts while reducing time and costs by seamlessly embedding Pattern’s easy-to-use eCOA solution. Here’s the basic workflow:



2. Third-party eCOA solutions.

Custom option for those with an existing system.
✔ Requires custom build and validation of eCOA.
✔ Custom coding required for scoring, user accounts, workflow automation, etc.

If Pattern’s eCOA solution doesn’t fit an organization’s use case, measures can be implemented in the platform of their choice. This method requires a custom build, validation, and coding to properly score the measure. In addition to survey build, custom workflows need to be crafted to handle onboarding, user accounts, notifications, and data access. For surveys licensed through the Pattern Exchange, Pattern supports custom builds with detailed implementation guides and access to the implementation on our platform as a reference.



3. Paper-based Implementation.

The simple but effort-intensive option.
✔ Manual scoring and workflow.
✔ A good option for low-volume applications or populations with low technology adoption.

Paper-based implementation is the low-tech option best suited for low-volume applications or regions of the world where participants may not have access to electronic devices. After licensing, Pattern will provide a print-ready PDF for patients to fill during onsite visits. Processing the completed COA, such as scoring and uploading to a patient’s electronic health record, is then a manual effort. Paper implementation requires little setup but significant administrative efforts on the back end.




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