Pattern’s digital health platform now offers out-of-the-box integration with Withings’ Health Mate app.  This integration makes it easier than ever for researchers to include fan-favorite biometric devices in their research studies such as the ScanWatch (hybrid smartwatch with ECG, heartrate, and oximeter trackers), Body+ (body composition Wi-Fi scale), and BPM Connect (Wi-Fi smart blood pressure monitor).  Withings devices offer trendy designs, competitive pricing, easy-to-use hardware and software, and most importantly, reliable and accurate biometric tracking.

Real-World Data Collection

As the use of mobile devices, wearable biometric devices, and computers have increased, these relatively new technologies now have an important place in research.  Devices, such as those provided by Withings, add a layer of data to traditional clinical trial data which typically involves a patient traveling to a clinic for monitoring by a trained medical professional. Information collected through these devices is referred to as real-world data (RWD) which can be used to derive real-world evidence (RWE) in support of the potential benefits or risks of a healthcare product.  This includes FDA-regulated drugs and interventions as well as digital health solutions that do not require FDA approval.  

Real-world data complements traditional in-person data collection and collectively they provide a more comprehensive view of a patient’s health.  Traditional data will always be viewed as the most reliable source of information, but RWD collected through devices, such as those from Withings, allows researchers to monitor a patient’s health outside of in-person visits and to consider additional factors and variables.

Integrating Withings Devices into Virtual Care Pathways Powered by Pattern is Easy for Researchers and Participants

Including Withings devices as a part of virtual care pathways powered by Pattern is simple and inexpensive for researchers.  Now integrated with the Health Mate app, activating this feature for your program requires almost no configuration.  Program participants will simply need a supported Withings device, then provide authentication to their Health Mate account through the Pattern Health app. Once completed, all the participant needs to do is use their device(s) and the collected data will be automatically synced to their Pattern Health record.  Researchers will then have access to this data at their convenience to support their studies.

For larger studies, Pattern also supports Withings device integration via SDK and through cell-connected hubs.  For more information on these options, please reach out to our team.

Configure, deploy, and start collecting data in weeks using our no-code platform!

Creating and researching effective virtual care and digital health program programs can be expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. Pattern Health solves those problems. We provide complete support from conception through rollout and beyond. And, the programs we develop for you check all the boxes—interoperability, scalability, security, and compliance.  

Withings is one of a growing library of integrations that enable the quick and cost-effective development of digital health programs.

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About Pattern Health

Pattern Health is on a mission to accelerate digital health innovation. We partner with researchers, clinical innovators, and their institutions to develop and implement digital health programs, surveys, and clinical tools. We don’t stop there, though. We bridge the gap between research and real-world application by providing a pathway for digital health innovations to be adopted for clinical use. Programs are available for licensing by any healthcare institution, bringing innovators and healthcare providers together in a collaborative community that expands the impact of innovation.

Our capabilities are enabled by a single digital health platform that makes it easy to deploy existing programs or for innovators to build novel solutions. Our configurable platform offers built-in security and compliance, software and device integrations, and digital health best practices. We offer fast and cost-effective program development through the combination of our platform and deep healthcare and behavioral science expertise. For our partners, this means “Less Hassle. More Impact.”


About Withings

Withings revolutionized connected health by launching the world’s first Wi-Fi scale in 2009.

Since that time, the Withings brand has grown to become synonymous with integrating innovative and meaningful measures into easy-to-use devices designed to empower people to make the right decisions for their health.

Today, our award-winning ecosystem of connected health devices and apps includes a range of smart scales designed to help fulfill fitness and weight goals, a family of stylish activity trackers and hybrid smartwatches, an advanced sleep-tracking mat, and medically accurate devices for easy and effective blood pressure and temperature monitoring. Devices sync automatically with the free Health Mate app, where people can track progress, get advice, and share data with their doctors.

Withings is committed to developing the next generation of smart health solutions. By putting powerful new metrics and actionable insights into people’s hands, we have a unique opportunity to help manage or prevent chronic conditions by giving people the tools they need to improve their lives

Written by: Ed Barber